Find Confidence,  Empowerment & Energy

Join this 21 Day Group Program where we will eliminate sugar addiction, lose belly fat and gain clarity in food choices! We are now enrolling in our next round of Find Your Inner Goddess! Next round starts in January 2020.


Find Your Inner Goddess

Find Your Inner Goddess is a 21 Day Group Program where we learn the exact daily methods to help our body function at it's best! 

Preparation Our online group will open for prep, four days before the program starts. This is a great time to ask questions!

Custom Workbook All participants will receive a custom workbook that keeps you accountable for our 21+ days together.

Accountability We won't be letting anybody off the hook! Check in everyday to stay accountable for your actions.

Sugar Detox Sugar is more detrimental to our health than any other food substance. You will feel empowered to kick it to the curb! 

Advanced Strategies You will be taught how to implement advanced strategies for reduced inflammation and fat reduction. 

Supportive Community We are in this together! Enjoy the camaraderie of .smart, health-conscious women like yourself.

Find Your Inner Goddess!


Find Your Inner Goddess is not another weight loss group! This is designed to help incredible woemn just like yourself, find that inner glow that has been lost. This is something to do for yourself. We continually give ... to the kids, to our work, to that committee meeting, to the dogs, to our spouses and we sacrifice ourselves. Give yourself this gift and you will gain all the tools you need to put yourself back on the map, 

You Receive:

  • Custom workbook with daily prompts for action
  • Access to a private facebook community
  • Learn about adaptogenic herbs, sleep hacks and sugar detoxification
  • Learn advanced strategies like intermittent fasting and carb cycling 
  • Witness the powerful transformations that take place when we come together and support eachother as a group

*Just Added Bonus*

7 Day Complete Meal Plan

This meal plan contains a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack option that is paleo and sugar free. These meals are simple to make and will support your goals!

For only $150 experience the transformation that happens when we support our body's natural processes, support our hormones and ditch processed food. We priotitize self-care in meaningful ways. See a positive impact in your relationsips, confidence, energy and vitality. 

This group will participate in restorative exercise, quality sleep, whole food nutrition, intermittent fasting, carb cycling and encouraged detox pathways! Every day you will have a prompt and a goal to check in with, so that we know you are making your health a priority! 

Find Your Inner Goddess is unlike any other program! We believe in the results you will acheive and the transformation you will feel.  


I encourage anyone who wants to strengthen their own health and wellbeing to look into one of the programs Cynthia has to offer! She really is incredible!

- H.B. -

About Cynthia Thurlow, NP

I’m a nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, functional nutritionist, and a certified wellness coach. My passion is helping women find wellness through the healing power of nutrition and solving health problems from the inside out.

I have personally been diagnosed with and recovered from adrenal fatigue (HPA-dysregulation), a parasite infection, leaky gut, hypothyroidism and mercury toxicity. Most recently I am recovering from a ruptured appendix and subsequent inflammation of the entire length of my intestines... but I’ve lived to tell the tale! All my clients benefit from my own hands-on experiences dealing with the necessary nutritional changes, supplements, testing and lifestyle adjustments that I had to make in order to recover and return to a state of wellness.

I'm a proud 2 time TEDx presenter, creator of Wholistic Blueprint® and owner of

Find Your Inner Goddess 

In 21 Days you will feel confident, empowered and increased energy. You deserve this. Next round starts in January 2020!